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Microfiber Swiffer Sweeper Pads- GREEN- Refill- Reusable- Ecofriendly

This listing is for TWO green Microfiber Swiffer Sweeper Pads.


The Swiffer Sweeper pads will make your sweeping much easier. Simply tuck one pad into your Swiffer Sweeper just as you would the disposable cloth and sweep away! As one tester said, 'it picks up WAAAAYYY more than a regular swiffer...thumbs up!'

Because these pads pick up so much more than the disposable pads, you'll probably want to wash them after each use, but think of the money you'll save in disposable pads! And Mother Earth will thank you!

Safe for hardwood, ceramic tile, and laminate.

***Do Not use Fabric Softener on Any Swiffer Wet Jet Pads!***

Tips for Caring for Microfiber:
When too dirty or after a couple of cleanings, microfiber should be preferable machine washed. Water temperature should not exceed 90°C (ab. 200°F). Microfiber is quick to dry and can be machine-dried at temperature not exceeding 60°C (ab. 140°C). Detergents that have lots of additives and state on their packaging that it “brightens & whitens”, “optical or UV brighteners”, “keeps clothes fresh longer” are not recommended. Natural soaps that have oils are also not recommended as they can cause the microfiber to repel. Any basic laundry detergent is usually the best.

Things to avoid: Do not use fabric softener when washing microfiber. Softener would act as a kind of wax, covering the fibers surface, clogging up the micro spaces that are needed to trap dusts and also canceling the fibers chemical and electrostatic properties. Microfiber can be washed with other kind of textile provided they are lint-free. No terry cloths or dryer sheets for instance! Otherwise lint would clog the fibers as well and reduce their efficiency. If those mistakes have been committed, microfiber should be rewashed in order to recover its properties. Like most plastics microfibers are resistant to a lot of chemical products. However do not use chlorine bleach on microfibers and avoid using acetone (it can damage polyester fibers) or strong acids (it can damage nylon fibers).

Life expectancy of good quality microfiber can be very long compared to other similar cleaning products and provided that it is cared for properly. Any good microfiber should last 200-500 washings. To that point microfibers can still maintain their properties but the fabric might be falling apart.

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