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#24013 GRAY- Bona/Starfiber Mop Eco Friendly Pads - Microfiber Mop Pads #24013

You will receive a set of 2 bona/starfiber pads.

Reusable, economical microfiber cleaning pads. Simply attach to the bottom of your Bona or Starfiber mop.

Made with two layers of Microfiber serged together so they are reversible. Use them for wet or dry mopping. Corners have been fray checked to prevent unraveling.

The pads have channels stitched in them to help catch the dirt and allow for the water to spread evenly. When the pad is soiled, simply remove, wash and dry as normal, and stick back on!

The Bona mop is very similar to the Starfiber.

Each pad measures approximately 4 inches x 15inches. Due to the fact that these have been made with remnants the sizes vary, but they will all fit the bottom of the mop. Some pads may extend slightly past the base and some will fit exactly.

**How to use Microfiber Pads**

  • For dry mopping: just place the dry pad on bottom of base and push around the floor. You may need to flip the pad over or use more than one pad if you floor is really dirty. Larger items will need to be swept up with a broom and dust pan.
  • For wet mopping: with hot water wet the pad and wring out very good. When the pad is soiled take off the base and rinse off all the dirt (I find that using the sprayer on my sink works great); wring out again and continue. If you don't like rinsing off the dirt (or if you don't have a sprayer) simply get another pad wet and continue.

**Do Not use Fabric Softener on Any Microfiber Pads!**

Tips for Caring for Microfiber:

  • When the job is done, microfiber should be preferable machine washed. For that purpose any standard detergent can be used, I use a Free and Clear detergent or Charlie's Soap. Water temperature should not exceed 90°C (200°F). Microfiber is quick to dry and can be machine-dried at temperature not exceeding 60°C (140°C). **I usually line dry mine to extend the life of the pads.**
  • Things to avoid: Do not use fabric softener when washing microfiber. Softener would act as a kind of wax, covering the fibers surface, clogging up the micro spaces that traps dust and also canceling the fibers chemical and electrostatic properties. Microfiber can be washed with other kinds of textiles provided they are lint-free. For instance don't wash with terry cloths or dryer sheets! Lint would clog the fibers as well and reduce their efficiency. If you accidentally make any of those mistakes simply rewash to recover the microfiber properties. Like most plastics, microfibers are resistant to a lot of chemical products; however, do not use chlorine bleach on microfibers and avoid using acetone (it can damage polyester fibers) or strong acids (it can damage nylon fibers).
  • Life expectancy of good quality microfiber can be very long compared to other similar cleaning products and provided it is cared for properly. Any good microfiber should resist more than 200 laundries and up to 500. To that point microfibers can still maintain their properties but the fabric might fall apart.

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