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UnPaper Towels- Cleaning Cloths- Eco friendly- Set of 12- Wine Bottles On Purple

Looking for a great eco-friendly option to paper towels? We have the answer for you: Un-Paper Towels

This set includes 12 Cloth Un-Paper Towels. 

The Un-Paper Towels have a plastic canvas core and features snaps on each corner. Simply un-snap a towel when needed, use, & toss it in the wash. Once it's clean you can reattach it to the core. The core will come open and unsnapped when shipped, you will simply need to snap it together.

The towels are made of a flannel backing with a cotton decorative front. The edges are serged for a clean professional look. Each towel measures 12x10 inches. 

How to Care for Your Towels:
Machine Wash and Dry as you would your normal laundry. Hot Wash is suggested to kill any germs from cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Tumble or Line Dry. Fabric Softener is not suggested, but should not harm your towels. 

DO NOT put your un-paper towels in the microwave as it will melt the snaps.

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