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Wool Dryer Balls- MAGENTA

You will receive THREE wool dryer balls in MAGENTA. This item is made to order. Please see my turn around time here.


What are wool dryer balls? They are an eco friendly alternative to commercial dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls help shorten dryer time, soften clothes and ease wrinkles. 

Each dryer ball measures approx. 7.5 inches AROUND the ball. Due to the balls being hand wound, each ball may vary slightly in size. (Slightly smaller than a tennis ball.)

The dryer balls are made of 100% wool and are felted secure. They will not unravel in the wash. 

Dryer balls also make great baby toys if they escape the dryer!! Children love their soft texture, bright colors and, of course...that they are a ball! 

Wool dryer balls also work great for drying cloth diapers!!

~~~~How to Use Wool Dryer Balls~~~~

*Put 3 or more balls in your dryer. I keep mine in there at all times.

*Start your dryer! It's that easy!! If you have a moisture sensor dryer, the dryer will stop faster because it will sense less moisture. If you have an older model dryer, you can try setting your dryer for 5-10 minutes less time each cycle until you find the perfect time for your drying cycle with the dryer balls.

~~~~How do the Dryer Balls Work?~~~~

*Wool dryer balls help circulate the clothes better in the dryer, thus helping dry the clothes.

*The tumbling of the balls helps ease out wrinkles, just as the plastic dryer balls do, but without the harsh plastic/rubbery smell and texture.

*The wool helps absorb moisture as they tumble, thus drying clothes faster.

*The balls help reduce static but you can also add a ½ cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle of your wash and also to keep your natural fibers separate from your synthetic fibers when in the dryer. Natural fibers are cotton, silk, etc. Synthetic fibers are rayon, fleece, polyester, etc.

*I use typically 3 balls in a regular load, but you can use more to help speed drying time. 

*The balls do not make the noisy tumbling sounds that tennis balls do.

*The balls are color fast and will not spread colors.

~~~~These balls are unscented but if you'd like them scented it's easy to do so! Simply add several drops of essential oils in your chosen scent to the balls. Let them air dry completely and then use as normal! Re-scent as often as you'd like!

Please message us with ANY questions about our wool dryer balls or any of our eco friendly cleaning items!!

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