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About Me


Hi! I'm Heather! I am a stay at home mom, homemaker, military wife, and all around super-mom. I have 2 boys, Ian & Jameson. And my husband, Justin, is full time, active duty, Army National Guard. Although we have the benefit of having our roots firmly planted in the ground our lives still very much revolve around the military.

My sewing business came about when I saw a need that required filling. I began back in '08 sewing vintage & smock aprons for all ages. I have always been environmentally conscious and when we welcomed our 2nd child my business evolved to include cloth diapers and all that comes with it. My business recently evolved again to include awesome green, eco-friendly cleaning products.  

Heather's Green Home Goods is a compilation of my 2 original sites: Hen and Chick Cloth AND Micro Mops.

Everything is made in my home. We are a smoke-free establishment and while I do have a kitty he doesn't do much sewing!


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